5 Raw [Unedited] Sculpting Videos

This pack contains 5 unreleased sculpting videos totaling 30+hrs. Originally planned for use in short form tutorials. However that never came about, so I've decided to release the unedited videos here and now.

Techniques and Phases Shown:

  • Body construction starting from a sphere
  • Head sculpting
  • Hair sculpting
  • Breast construction and placement
  • Anatomy sculpting: Torso, Legs, Arms, Face, Breasts
  • Quick and easy hand construction
  • My personal Dynamesh to Zremesh workflow 
  • Figures from start to finish in real time.


  • Complete Process: OriginalCharacter.mp4
  • Complete Process: DetectiveGirl.mp4
  • Complete Process: SphereToFullBody.mp4
  • Complete Process: PrimaAlien.mp4
  • Clean-Up: KitsuneMaiShiranui.mp4
    • -> Contains the clean up process from dynamesh blockout to render.


  • Videos contain unedited pauses and breaks.
  • No commentary
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